Positioning Grid and Analysis


Eggxit Denver Café is a potential restaurant that will be serving Breakfast and Brunch in the Denver, NC Area. In order to get a better understanding of where Eggxit Denver stands in the market I chose to conduct a focus group. Dictionary.com defines a focus Group as “a demographically diverse group of people assembled to participate in a guided discussion.” A very opportune time was to discuss amongst my co-workers at lunch. I liked the idea that food was involved being that Eggxit Denver plans to enter the food industry. Although this was the same test group used for the Direct Response tool, I felt I needed to seek out additional people. Although my direct response tool was not successful it did benefit me in my positioning research. In speaking with my focus group in our original discussion it was clear that they are like-minded, and I needed additional input.    The focus group consist of different tiers of employees so although I was not able to confirm, it is assumed that the group consisted of different income levels. Below is the demographic that I was able to identify.


  • 5 women Ages 50-60 (with Family)
  • 1 woman Ages 25-30 (single)
  • 1 woman Ages 25-30 (with Family)
  • 2 men  Age 40-50  (with Family)
  • 2 men Age 50-60 (With Family)


Below are initial questions that I asked the focus group. They were open ended and led to additional questions.


  1. Do you enjoy Brunch?
  2. Do you eat out for breakfast/brunch?
  3. What is more important to you price or quality?
  4. What is more important to you time or quality?
  5. When dining out for breakfast how important is restaurant atmosphere?


I gained tremendous insight and was surprised by some of the responses. Although not tracked I was able to get a feel for where Eggxit Denver café stood compared to the other breakfast options. Amongst my focus group “Brunch” was not a big-ticket item and a couple people admitted to not knowing exactly what the word meant.  The focus group as a whole wished to eat breakfast earlier rather than later, especially during the week. This really made me home in on the time variable but again I was surprised as the group made it clear they would not sacrifice quality for time. These preliminary questions including the group insisting that a good atmosphere was a must made it easy to eliminate the fast food industry from my positioning grid. I wanted to focus on the sit-down restaurants/diners in the area.



*** Westlake Diner

*** Lowesville Café

*** Eggxit Denver Café


Positioning Statement

The hot new thing does not always have to be expensive. At Eggxit Denver Café you are not paying for a dish you can prepare at home, but you are buying an affordable, quality dining experience that is one of a kind.


I don’t feel my competitors are able to claim the same thing that my positioning statement offers being that they lack the same quality. Being a local restaurant, my business is always visible, and I will need some brochures that include the menu that shows in detail the complexities of the dishes but also displays the low prices. I will also need to purchase promotion opportunities from the local schools as they drive a lot of the local buying power.


Direct Response Marketing Tool

Direct Response Marketing Tool

For my Direct Response Marketing tool, I used an application provided by blogger.com. I was able to ask a question and the other party could respond through the application. The responses would come directly to my email. The application could post directly to my personal social media. Enticing the “client” to click. The title/teaser that I chose was “How do you like your Eggs?” This one question is all that the viewer could see along with the link. Upon clicking the link, the client would then be connected with the page below.  Displayed is a snippet of the page.


To reinforce the brand, I chose an egg backdrop and below is the actual content in case the visual is not clear.

Here at Eggxit Denver Cafe, we would love to know a little about you. For starters, how do you like your eggs? You can tell a lot about a person by how they prepare their eggs. Also, with the growth of guest with pets, do you think dogs should be allowed on the patio. Please leave your comment below to help better serve you.

In order to respond, the user would have to link/provide their email address. I thought this tool would be effective as not only would I be surveying customer preferences, but I would be obtaining email addresses for future marketing.


Being that this is a hypothetical business, I directed several colleagues to my link and asked follow up questions regarding their experience and if this is something they would utilize in a real-world scenario.

My test group consisted of

3 women Ages 50-60 (with Family)

1 woman Ages 25-30 (single)

1 woman Ages 25-30 (with Family)

1  man  Age 40-50  (with Family)

An overall consensus was that the link appeared to look like spam and they were weary to click the link. The 3 older women admitted that they would not fill out the form unless there was some kind of incentive mentioned. The 2 younger women and man said that the dog option was very interesting and as pet owners they would be motivated to complete the form to insure their pets were welcome but did not see any purpose of the “egg question” but it did catch their attention.


After speaking with my test group. I would make some changes. I would apply the direct response tool directly to the info page of the restaurant site and state that by completing the form the user would be privy to exclusive promotions and offers.

Professional Presentation

Go, fight, win. I believe this chant to be most the memorable and closely associated with cheerleading. When I think of some of my fondest moments from high school, my time spent cheerleading is usually in the forefront of my memories. When the opportunity came to speak to a group of high school cheerleaders I was more than excited. I did not want to speak to just the sport itself but more so of my personal experience navigating being a high school athlete and how the same principles that were imperative then are still relevant now.

At a time when young minds are so very impressionable it is important for them to know that success is attainable and the path to success is not perfect. I provided a relatable talk that connected my past with their present. Life lessons that took many of us years to learn can be imparted to our young leaders in an effort to shape a better future for them.

I am not an expert on cheerleading or life but this talk opened the door for further discussions and thoughts about respect, discipline, and anti-bullying. I hope for my brief presentation to lead to mentorships and other avenues to encourage young women.


Greatest Marketing Campaigns – Outdoor Analysis



Outdoor Advertisement #1


Selected Ad Adams & Fairway : Tribute to Prince
Objectives of Ad To honor a late musician
Target Market Prince Fans
What action does the ad want the viewer to take To take a moment and remember the musician Prince.
Value Proposition This was a public Service ad to bring awareness to Prince’s death and music


Outdoor Advertisement #2


Selected Ad Adams & Fairway : Teacher Appreciation Week (humor)
Objectives of Ad To inform that it is Teacher Appreciation week
Target Market All
What action does the ad want the viewer to take To thank and show any teacher you know appreciation
Value Proposition If we did not have teachers we would not be educated.


Outdoor Advertisement #3



Selected Ad The Colorado Department of Transportation: Beware of the Beltless (Scare Technique)
Objectives of Ad To inform drivers of the dangers of their passengers not wearing a seat-belt
Target Market Drivers and passengers
What action does the ad want the viewer to take To use a seat-belt and encourage passengers to wear a seatbelt. By doing so you decrease the risk of being harmed in a crash
Value Proposition If your passenger does not wear a seat-belt it increases your risk of being hurt or killed by 40%

Outdoor Advertisement #4


Selected Ad Cheyenne Mountain Zoo: There’s an Easier Way (Humor)
Objectives of Ad To inform customers about zoo (measurable)
Target Market Animal Enthusiast  and families
What action does the ad want the viewer to take To visit the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and  by doing so you will see animals up close
Value Proposition The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is for those that want to be close to animals and have a real wildlife experience.


Outdoor Advertisement #5


Selected Ad  Chicken McNuggets®: One Tasty View
Objectives of Ad To increase chicken nugget sales
Target Market Airport goers
What action does the ad want the viewer to take To purchase McDonalds while visiting airport
Value Proposition Passengers are able to enjoy McDonalds chicken nuggets while flying.