Greatest Marketing Campaigns – Outdoor Analysis



Outdoor Advertisement #1


Selected Ad Adams & Fairway : Tribute to Prince
Objectives of Ad To honor a late musician
Target Market Prince Fans
What action does the ad want the viewer to take To take a moment and remember the musician Prince.
Value Proposition This was a public Service ad to bring awareness to Prince’s death and music


Outdoor Advertisement #2


Selected Ad Adams & Fairway : Teacher Appreciation Week (humor)
Objectives of Ad To inform that it is Teacher Appreciation week
Target Market All
What action does the ad want the viewer to take To thank and show any teacher you know appreciation
Value Proposition If we did not have teachers we would not be educated.


Outdoor Advertisement #3



Selected Ad The Colorado Department of Transportation: Beware of the Beltless (Scare Technique)
Objectives of Ad To inform drivers of the dangers of their passengers not wearing a seat-belt
Target Market Drivers and passengers
What action does the ad want the viewer to take To use a seat-belt and encourage passengers to wear a seatbelt. By doing so you decrease the risk of being harmed in a crash
Value Proposition If your passenger does not wear a seat-belt it increases your risk of being hurt or killed by 40%

Outdoor Advertisement #4


Selected Ad Cheyenne Mountain Zoo: There’s an Easier Way (Humor)
Objectives of Ad To inform customers about zoo (measurable)
Target Market Animal Enthusiast  and families
What action does the ad want the viewer to take To visit the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and  by doing so you will see animals up close
Value Proposition The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is for those that want to be close to animals and have a real wildlife experience.


Outdoor Advertisement #5


Selected Ad  Chicken McNuggets®: One Tasty View
Objectives of Ad To increase chicken nugget sales
Target Market Airport goers
What action does the ad want the viewer to take To purchase McDonalds while visiting airport
Value Proposition Passengers are able to enjoy McDonalds chicken nuggets while flying.

One Reply to “Greatest Marketing Campaigns – Outdoor Analysis”

  1. Great job! We actually posted some of the same advertisements for this post. I love the Teacher Appreciation Week advertisement. It’s short, funny, and gets the point across quickly. The Beware of Beltless is a strong advertisement that gets the point across very well too. The outdoor customization of the airbag makes the message sink in clearly. My favorite advertisement is the one for the zoo. I just think it’s funny and easy to understand. Awesome choices!


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