Direct Response Marketing Tool

Direct Response Marketing Tool

For my Direct Response Marketing tool, I used an application provided by I was able to ask a question and the other party could respond through the application. The responses would come directly to my email. The application could post directly to my personal social media. Enticing the “client” to click. The title/teaser that I chose was “How do you like your Eggs?” This one question is all that the viewer could see along with the link. Upon clicking the link, the client would then be connected with the page below.  Displayed is a snippet of the page.


To reinforce the brand, I chose an egg backdrop and below is the actual content in case the visual is not clear.

Here at Eggxit Denver Cafe, we would love to know a little about you. For starters, how do you like your eggs? You can tell a lot about a person by how they prepare their eggs. Also, with the growth of guest with pets, do you think dogs should be allowed on the patio. Please leave your comment below to help better serve you.

In order to respond, the user would have to link/provide their email address. I thought this tool would be effective as not only would I be surveying customer preferences, but I would be obtaining email addresses for future marketing.


Being that this is a hypothetical business, I directed several colleagues to my link and asked follow up questions regarding their experience and if this is something they would utilize in a real-world scenario.

My test group consisted of

3 women Ages 50-60 (with Family)

1 woman Ages 25-30 (single)

1 woman Ages 25-30 (with Family)

1  man  Age 40-50  (with Family)

An overall consensus was that the link appeared to look like spam and they were weary to click the link. The 3 older women admitted that they would not fill out the form unless there was some kind of incentive mentioned. The 2 younger women and man said that the dog option was very interesting and as pet owners they would be motivated to complete the form to insure their pets were welcome but did not see any purpose of the “egg question” but it did catch their attention.


After speaking with my test group. I would make some changes. I would apply the direct response tool directly to the info page of the restaurant site and state that by completing the form the user would be privy to exclusive promotions and offers.

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  1. Great analysis Caitlin! I think the feedback you received was solid. I agree that the question is intriguing, and I appreciate the visual to go along with the themed question. Without an incentive to click, I too would more than likely move on. It sounds like you have an idea of a few changes that would increase viewer engagement.


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