One Reply to “Ideal Client – Eggxit Denver Cafe’”

  1. Caitlin,

    May I ask how you decided on that name for your business/if there is a meaning behind it? I get the play on words but I am just curious. What percentage of the Denver population are millennials? What made you decide to focus on that particular market outside of being a millennial yourself? Also, I know millennials like to try new things & keep things fresh but, what makes you different from other cafes? Will it just be the food you offer on your menu or the atmosphere? I know they will initially come because it is a new place but how do you intend to keep them coming back if they get “bored”? I know some customers will continue to return if the food is good and they get good service but, I also know some millennials are not exactly loyal customers. I like the name of the business and the opening graphic since it, of course, reminds me of a broken egg. Was that intentional? Did you also see what the graphic would like if the yellow & white colors were switched so it looked like an egg yolk in the middle? Just spitting out random thoughts. Nice job on your presentation.


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