A Bad case of the “Gottas”


I continue to read If it ain’t broke…Break It! And other unconventional Wisdom for a changing Business By Robert J Kriegel and Louis Patler and I am more and more amazed that this book, written over 20 years ago, is still relevant to today’s business world. The author introduces the “Gottas” as a feeling of not having enough time, constantly being over whelmed, trying to keep up by running from one task to the next. Some of my “gottas’ are below.

I gotta send out my client’s documents by noon

I gotta buy snacks for my daughter’s lunch

I gotta leave work in time to make it to bible study

I gotta run the car through the wash.

And these are just my early morning “gottas” but my day is filled with “gottas” as I am sure most people’s are.

I have never considered myself a type A person. Traditionally I thought the type A person was extremely competitive, strictly organized, and task oriented. Me being on the other hand Type B, never caring whether I win or lose, my desk would not be considered tidy, and I am concerned more with working to achieve the end goal rather than task. However, I have now learned that it is possible to have what the author refers to as a “Type A response.”  You are likely to have a Type A response when you have the “Gottas”. When you are rushing to do the next thing and constantly feel behind. When you are trying to work fast.

Fast is not always better. We have been ingrained to think that we are being more productive if we are working faster but after reading Kreigal’s thoughts I would argue that speed is one of the most damaging qualities to businesses. He suggests that speed kills quality and service, creativity and innovation, and team work and communication. I recall when my daughter’s first birthday was fast approaching. I ordered a ton of supplies, booked the venue, ordered the food. It was one task after the other. I felt like I was on a hamster wheel. I watched a few DIY videos and enlisted the help of my husband and a few close friends. The day of the party you would think I would be prepared but the opposite was the case. In a rush with a bad case of the “gottas” I forgot the tape one of the main components of the decorations. The wind was up and the bumble bee balloon craft could not sustain itself, I did not plan for a backup or any kind of stabilizer. I also could not effectively communicate what I was trying to accomplish to my family and friends because I was too busy running around trying to “fix” things that only I knew how to do.

I didn’t realize that I had the “gottas” until recently and I am happy to report there is a remedy. First you must acknowledge you have the “gottas”. Once you know that you need to slow down, then do it! I know easier said than done but awareness is the beginning of taking control and beating the “gottas” once and for all!

4 Replies to “A Bad case of the “Gottas””

  1. Hey Caitlin,

    I too find myself feeling bogged down by not having enough time with “Gottas” somewhat similar to what you stated. I think this blog speaks in volumes to my own self and how I perceive myself but seeing that “Gottas” are essentially the values of a Type A person, I feel differently about myself in a more positive way.

    You hit the hammer on the nail through detail and depth you speak on concerning fast not always being better. I think great things take time to develop. I definitely look forward to reading more of your posts! Combining your ideas with the knowledge that is presented from Kriegel and Patler is an excellent way of helping me to understand these concepts more in depth! Keep up the great work!


  2. I can definitely relate to this post. Since I work for myself it can be hard to put work aside and not constantly you feel like “I Gotta” do something. This post is a good reminder that it is important to set boundaries and manage time effectively for both work and family. I think this is something we constantly have to work on.
    I think the driving force behind my “i gotta” feeling is missing an opportunity because i am not in a work mindset. I also hard a hard time being idle. In fact as I write this post, I was just battling the feeling of I need to take a day off and “I gotta” do my homework, grade, and do things around the house. The reward is that I feel like I accomplished something at the end of the day, but I also feel like I needed to just clear my mind. I will keep some of the ideas in this post in mind as I go through the week.


  3. Hey Caitlin,

    You and me both! It has taken me a long time to slow myself down and instead of working to “get things done” I have tried hard to take the time to plan and think everything through. One great idea I had presented to me was, don’t mistake activity for achievement.

    I feel like when you have the “gottas” you are constantly on the move so you feel like you are doing something only to look up and realize you have accomplished nothing.

    In your own experience, how have you been able to slow things down? What tips or tricks can you offer that have worked for you?

    Thank you,


  4. Caitlin,

    I will start off by saying you are/were not alone. I get the “gottas” all the time and I have to stop and tell myself that I am a crazy person, and then start again. I think that this post was a great wake-up call. Doing things quickly, but not accurately is not always the best solution. Knocking out our “gotta” list is great, but if we have to go back and fix it later, then we really aren’t accomplishing anything.



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